Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter’s Overdose Is An Important News Story

Why Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter’s Overdose Is An Important News Story

Lately, Jon Bon Jovi has been making a lot of headlines. Unfortunately, it’s not for his band’s upcoming tour—Bon Jovi tickets will be collected beginning Feb. 9 in Uncasville, Connecticut—or their pending album (Because We Can). Nor is it for sitting on the advisory board of the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

Jon Bon Jovi is making headlines because his daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, was hospitalized in mid-November for an apparent heroin overdose.
A week later, Jon Bon Jovi told a local news station that the “tragedy was something that [he would have to] face.” He said he would “get through it” and thanked his fans for their support.

Usually, I say children are off limits. However, this story is important and deserves media attention (although I’d rather see more headlines about his involvement in Hurricane Sandy relief). Besides, Stephanie Bongiovi is the child of Jon Bon Jovi but she’s no longer a child. At nineteen she’s barely an adult but an adult nonetheless.

The general public needs to know about this incident for four reasons…

1) Even if she wasn’t the daughter of a major rock star her drug overdose is newsworthy (at least locally). Stephanie Bongiovi not only O.D. but she was arrested for drug possession. The public has the right to know who the police arrests and why. It should be noted that all charges against Stephanie Bongiovi were dropped. Is that another benefit of having a famous and wealthy father?

2) It’s the media’s job to be watchdogs of the wealthy and powerful. Granted, Jon Bon Jovi is pretty much the epitome of what we want in a celebrity, but he’s still not above scrutiny. His daughter’s overdose making the papers (to use an outdated phrase) may shed light on other issues that are far worse than a heroin overdose. We doubt it but it’s possible.

3) Say what you will about Jon Bon Jovi’s music, he is an artist. Many of his songs draw from his personal experiences. If he’s going to make himself vulnerable through his music, and reveal his deepest feelings, like all artists do, then his fans deserve to know the events behind his life experiences. If an artist bares their soul on stage, and shares their most private moments, they lose the privilege of privacy. Artists can’t have it both ways.

4) Drug use is a disease and the public needs to be informed when and how it’s spread. It’s especially relevant when someone as privileged as Stephanie Bongiovi overdoses. Knowing the reasons behind her use of narcotics—a person who seemingly has all the material possessions one could ever hope for—may help others stay away from drugs.

While this sordid story is legitimate fodder for news agencies it’s still the hope of decent people everywhere that she gets her life back in order and never does drugs again.
It is tragic if the rigors of her father’s career propelled her towards drug use. Having her plight broadcasted to the world is not insult to injury but the price she must pay for being her father’s daughter.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Miranda Lambert: “I Love Projects”

Miranda Lambert: “I Love Projects”

Miranda Lambert recently told an online country music publication that she loves projects... “anything that stimulates my creativity.”

That’s good because the 28-year-old singer is having a busy November and December. In other words, she’s got projects coming out of her cowboy boots.

The Pink Pistol
The day after Thanksgiving, Lambert will be at the grand opening of her new mega store, The Pink Pistol. The establishment is located in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.
The day following T-Giving is known in the retail business as “Black Friday” but the country music songstress is trying to turn it into “Pink Friday.” To do so, her and her Pink Pistol staff are holding a pageant where fun-loving contestants will flex their creativity, and show off their spunkiness, by dressing in pink.
Lambert’s store sells a variety of wares including boots, jeans, and antiques. There’s even a pink bicycle hanging from the ceiling. The store sounds interesting but it will only be successful IF Lambert finds qualified people to run it and doesn’t interfere.
Christmas Special
Yes, the program was probably recorded in July but she’ll still have to do press for it. On Dec. 3, Lambert appears on her husband’s television special, “No Sot Family Christmas,” airing on NBC. Blake Shelton’s holiday program also stars Christina Aguilera, Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, and his mother Dorothy Shackleford.

As for the holidays themselves, Lambert told People magazine that she and Shelton will spend four days together around both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those dreaming of becoming a big-time recording artist get ready not to see your family.

Pregnancy Rumors
If opening a store and promoting a Christmas special weren’t bad enough, Lambert also had to deal with pregnancy rumors. The social media world recently lit up over speculation that Lambert was with child.

Now, rumors about a married couple of 18 months having a baby are fairly mundane. However, they’re a big deal if the suspected expecting couple are alcoholics. Okay, I can’t say that for sure (wink wink) but Lambert and Shelton (especially Shelton) are notorious for their partying.
In responding to questions about a “bun in the oven,” Shelton tweeted that he hoped not because his wife is “passed out with a bottle of Bacardi in her hands.”
They can’t drink and party all they want. They can also have as many kids as they want. They just can’t do both.

Locked & Reloaded Tour
Lambert already has a project planned for 2013. She’s joining forces with Dierks Bentley for a co-headlining trek of the United States. The duo kicks off their “Locked & Reloaded Tour” on Jan. 17 in Columbia, South Carolina. Their odyssey ends March 8 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Warming up audiences will be singer-songwriter Lee Brice.

Highlights Of Lambert & Bentley’s 2013 Tour
>>Jan. 24 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Baltimore
>>Jan. 26 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Atlantic City
>>March 2 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Albany
>>March 8 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Oklahoma City

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taylor Swift Shows Her Intelligence By Saying She’s Stupid

Taylor Swift Shows Her Intelligence By Saying She’s Stupid

Taylor Swift is refreshing. No, I don’t mean her blue eyes and the lilt in her step, I mean her attitude. In a day and age where everyone thinks their every thought is worthy of a blog entry, Tweet, or Facebook update, Swift impresses us with her ability to keep at least one of her opinions to herself.

And it’s an opinion most celebrities just have to tell everyone.

Leading up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, Swift refused to say who she voted for. Interestingly enough, she was in London (opening a mall) on Election Day.

She told Time magazine “I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people. And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.”


Thank you Taylor for saying what most fans want to hear from big-time recording artists. In fact, have you ever heard a musician say they don’t know “enough” especially when it comes to politics?

Okay. Okay. I know what you’re saying, especially you over there—the cynical one by the window—that her statement was a calculated message written by a team of handlers. She has millions and millions of fans from all walks of life. An endorsement of either candidate would likely alienate some of them.

I don’t care why she said it. I only care that she said it.

We get enough politics from people who really know politics. We don’t need political analysis from our musicians as well. Besides, if Swift wants to spread her views she can always do so with a song.

Kudos to Taylor Swift for recognizing, either on her own or through the help of a public relations firm, that just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she knows everything.
“I… feel like I don’t have enough wisdom,” Taylor told NPR.

I wish more singers would follow her lead. Heck, I wish more people would follow her lead.

By the way, I found it cute that she said that she doesn’t “talk about politics because it might influence other people” which is the definition of politics.

Music fans consistently vote for their favorite artists but instead of punching a ballot they buy albums and concerts tickets. That’s good news for the 22-year country singer because she sells a boat load of albums and a bunch of Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Her fourth studio album, Red, dropped in late October. It debuted at number one with more than 1.2 million copies sold. That’s an amazing total for 2012—Wilco couldn’t sell that many records in a decade.

To support her release, Taylor will embark on the “RED Tour” in 2013. The trek kicks off March 13 in Omaha, Nebraska and ends Sept. 21 with a Taylor Swift concert in Nashville, Tennessee.
Highlights of her outing include Swift in Newark (March 27-29), Swift in Atlanta (April 18 & 19), Swift in Washington D.C. (May 11 & 12), Swift in Arlington (May 25), Swift in Foxborough (July 27), and Swift in Los Angeles (Aug. 19 & 20).