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Marilyn Manson Needs Stitches In Ear After Drunken Fall

Marilyn Manson Needs Stitches In Ear After Drunken Fall

Marilyn Manson got into a fight in Basel, Switzerland and needed 24 stitches on the inside of his ear. Manson was in Switzerland with Rob Zombie as part of their co-headlining Twins of Evil Tour.

Manson posted a picture of his bandaged auricle on his Twitter account. It’s gross but not half as bad as the singer looked on the cover of Mechanical Animals.

Details of the incident have not been released. All we know is what Manson Tweeted:

"I was hit by a glass table in a dangerous fight. I was however, the victor but had to have 24 stitches to keep my ear from becoming Van Goth[sic]."

Those 30 words tell the entire story. All we have to do is interpret them.

The phrase “I was hit by a glass table…” means Manson fell into a glass table. No one throws a glass table. No one throws tables in a fight. They throw chairs, maybe an ottoman, but never a table.

“In a dangerous fight…” was Manson’s attempt at humor. He was covering the fact that he was actually fall-down drunk, fell, and hit his ear against a piece of furniture.
“I was however, the victor…” means he didn’t vomit on the way to the hospital.

“Van Goth” is not only a clever reference to “Van Gogh”—the artist who cut off part of his ear and gave it to a prostitute—but will likely be the name of his next album.

What was even more amusing then reading about the “brawl” that almost cost Manson an earlobe was the tangents his incident inspired various Web sites to take.

Most outlets just reported Manson’s ear wound and tapped out, but some used the incident to go off on bizarre non sequiturs.

She Knows Entertainment morphed into a discussion about school shootings. They even included a sagacious quote Manson gave about the Columbine massacre.
Asia One spent most of their lengthy article detailing a project about the West Memphis Three—Manson contributed a song to a soundtrack to a film about the killers.

Mail Online shared a brief rundown of the musician’s romantic relationships. Manson has bedded Dita Von Teese and Evan Rachel Wood and is currently seeing American photographer Lindsay Usich.

After reporting the gammy lug, NME detailed Marilyn Manson’s brush with Charles Manson. The latter sent the former a letter from his prison cell. After citing a bizarre and incoherent passage from the dispatch, NME revealed that Manson is conservative in the bedroom.

A few articles made a more obvious segue into either Manson’s current tour with Rob Zombie or his upcoming trek of North America.

From late January through the end of February, Marilyn Manson tickets will be collected all over the United States and Canada. This will be a solo campaign with Manson headlining.

Manson’s expedition begins Jan. 18 in Milwaukee and concludes Feb. 21 in Los Angeles.

Perhaps we should give those aforementioned Web sites a break. How much column space can you devote to a 30-word Tweet and a photograph of an ear? If this article is any indication then you can devote 532 words.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rod Stewart Teams With Steve Winwood For North American Tour In 2013

Rod Stewart Teams With Steve Winwood For North American Tour In 2013

When I was young I had this coffee table book that profiled a bunch of rock stars. One of the rock stars profiled was Jim Morrison. His section began with a story detailing a degenerate night in which he ingested cocaine and imbibed blood with a witch.

I was devastated and disturbed. I couldn’t believe what I had read. My father, who knew the book was published by Rolling Stone magazine, doubted the yarn’s validity. Still, it took a long time before I got that tale out of my system and I could listen to The Doors again.

Laugh if you must but I just didn’t have enough life experience to realize rock stars were, for the most part, sad pathetic people you wouldn’t want to invite into your home for dinner. I was such an innocence child.

Nowadays, I don’t care about rock stars and the sordid details of their licentious and decadent lives. All I care about is the music (that’s why I can still listen to John Mayer). So when I learned that Rod Stewart once took cocaine anally I nary batted an eye.

Early in 2013, Stewart released “Rod: The Autobiography.” The fun read included the confession that he used to get high by taking cocaine suppositories.

What he and his friends did was buy cold medicine in capsule form from a pharmacist (called a “chemist” in the U.K.). They’d replace the cold medicine with coke and then stuck it where the sun don’t shine. The body would eventually dissolve the capsule and the cocaine would enter into the blood stream.
Stewart worried that snorting cocaine would damage his vocal chords. Yeah, that was his ONLY worry.

Obviously, the anecdote was included to help sell copies (by the way his book makes a great stocking stuffer). What I find funny isn’t that he revealed such an embarrassing account but the fact that it’s really not that embarrassing—at least by today’s standards—although it’s sure to make him the butt of more than a few jokes.

Of all the crazy things rock stars do nowadays, Stewart’s attempt to get high via the rectum so he can protect his voice reeks more of responsibility than reprehensibility. Dare I say it’s a cute story (relatively speaking of course).

It was a big year for Stewart. Also in 2012, he released a holiday album, Merry Christmas, Baby, and announced plans for a tour of North America.

Dubbed “Live the Life,” Stewart’s trek begins April 10 in Chicago and ends May 1 in Toronto. Right now, there are just nine dates planned, all in the eastern part of the U.S. For example, Rod Stewart and Steve Winwood visit Boston on April 13, Rod Stewart and Steve Winwood will be in New York City on April 19, and Rod Stewart and Steve Winwood roll into Atlanta on April 28 for a show at Philips Arena.

I don't have a crystal ball but it's very likely that more Rod Stewart concerts are forthcoming.
Since his recent touring partner Stevie Nicks will be busy touring with Fleetwood Mac, Stewart has tapped Steve Winwood to join him on the marquee. It should make for quite the night of blue-eyed soul.

More good news for Stewart fans, the singer is planning on releasing new material in 2013. Even better news, it won’t be like his American Songbook series but a “sequel to Gasoline Alley.”

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 Top Christmas Shows For The 2012 Holiday Season

5 Top Christmas Shows For The 2012 Holiday Season

The Nutcracker. A Christmas Carol. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Mannheim Steamroller.

Those are five of the most popular and well-known live Christmas shows in the United States but they are far from the only ones. Below, we look at five lesser-known Christmas/Christmas-related musical performances organized for the 2012 holiday season. Some of these live events aren’t really Christmassy they’re just scheduled near the Dec. 25. Still, what they lack in Yuletide atmosphere they more than make up for it by providing attendees with a great evening of live entertainment.

British Invasion X-Mas Party
We doubt there will be much “Fa la la la la-ing” but on Dec. 22 the House of Blues in San Diego, California is hosting a British Invasion X-Mas Party. HOB is welcoming four of the best tribute acts in the country to its stage. If you’re in to The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Idol, and Elvis Costello then Christmas comes three days early. It should be both a “jolly” and “groovy” time.

Hollywood Christmas Spectacular
The Hollywood Christmas Spectacular is set to go down Dec. 22 at the California Theatre of the Preforming Arts in San Bernardino, California. This show features singers, dancers, and of course, the big guy in the red suit. The spectacular employs music from some of Hollywood’s most famous and popular holiday flicks like Home Alone, Elf, The Muppet Christmas, and Polar Express.

Miracle on State Street
Getting your mittens on Miracle on State Street tickets earns you the pleasure of seeing Train, Karmin, and Ed Sheeran in concert at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Planned for Dec. 14, this Christmas party is sponsored by radio station 101.9 The Mix. San Diego singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman has been tapped to open the night’s festivities. Yes Virginia, there is a great concert in the Windy City this holiday season.

The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show
Get yourself into a holiday mood with one of country music’s most beloved and enduring acts (the quartet was founded in 1947; the current lineup has been together since 1973). The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show visits Florence, South Carolina on Dec. 6; Dodge City, Kansas on Dec. 16; and Lincoln, Nebraska on Dec. 18. The band is supporting their sixth holiday CD, Christmas Time’s A-Coming.

Singing Christmas Trees
A lot of cities have singing Christmas Trees shows. Two of the oldest, and most successful, are found in Edmonton, Alberta and Charlotte, North Carolina. You can catch Edmonton’s 43rd version of the crooning Christmas tree at the Northern Alberta Jubilee from Dec. 7 through Dec. 9. In Charlotte, residents are celebrating the 58th Annual Singing Christmas Tree at the Ovens Auditorium on Dec. 8. The star of that show is the 80-plus members of the Main Stage Choir. There are also singing Christmas trees in Portland, Oregon; Jackson, Mississippi; and Muskegon, Michigan.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter’s Overdose Is An Important News Story

Why Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter’s Overdose Is An Important News Story

Lately, Jon Bon Jovi has been making a lot of headlines. Unfortunately, it’s not for his band’s upcoming tour—Bon Jovi tickets will be collected beginning Feb. 9 in Uncasville, Connecticut—or their pending album (Because We Can). Nor is it for sitting on the advisory board of the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

Jon Bon Jovi is making headlines because his daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, was hospitalized in mid-November for an apparent heroin overdose.
A week later, Jon Bon Jovi told a local news station that the “tragedy was something that [he would have to] face.” He said he would “get through it” and thanked his fans for their support.

Usually, I say children are off limits. However, this story is important and deserves media attention (although I’d rather see more headlines about his involvement in Hurricane Sandy relief). Besides, Stephanie Bongiovi is the child of Jon Bon Jovi but she’s no longer a child. At nineteen she’s barely an adult but an adult nonetheless.

The general public needs to know about this incident for four reasons…

1) Even if she wasn’t the daughter of a major rock star her drug overdose is newsworthy (at least locally). Stephanie Bongiovi not only O.D. but she was arrested for drug possession. The public has the right to know who the police arrests and why. It should be noted that all charges against Stephanie Bongiovi were dropped. Is that another benefit of having a famous and wealthy father?

2) It’s the media’s job to be watchdogs of the wealthy and powerful. Granted, Jon Bon Jovi is pretty much the epitome of what we want in a celebrity, but he’s still not above scrutiny. His daughter’s overdose making the papers (to use an outdated phrase) may shed light on other issues that are far worse than a heroin overdose. We doubt it but it’s possible.

3) Say what you will about Jon Bon Jovi’s music, he is an artist. Many of his songs draw from his personal experiences. If he’s going to make himself vulnerable through his music, and reveal his deepest feelings, like all artists do, then his fans deserve to know the events behind his life experiences. If an artist bares their soul on stage, and shares their most private moments, they lose the privilege of privacy. Artists can’t have it both ways.

4) Drug use is a disease and the public needs to be informed when and how it’s spread. It’s especially relevant when someone as privileged as Stephanie Bongiovi overdoses. Knowing the reasons behind her use of narcotics—a person who seemingly has all the material possessions one could ever hope for—may help others stay away from drugs.

While this sordid story is legitimate fodder for news agencies it’s still the hope of decent people everywhere that she gets her life back in order and never does drugs again.
It is tragic if the rigors of her father’s career propelled her towards drug use. Having her plight broadcasted to the world is not insult to injury but the price she must pay for being her father’s daughter.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Miranda Lambert: “I Love Projects”

Miranda Lambert: “I Love Projects”

Miranda Lambert recently told an online country music publication that she loves projects... “anything that stimulates my creativity.”

That’s good because the 28-year-old singer is having a busy November and December. In other words, she’s got projects coming out of her cowboy boots.

The Pink Pistol
The day after Thanksgiving, Lambert will be at the grand opening of her new mega store, The Pink Pistol. The establishment is located in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.
The day following T-Giving is known in the retail business as “Black Friday” but the country music songstress is trying to turn it into “Pink Friday.” To do so, her and her Pink Pistol staff are holding a pageant where fun-loving contestants will flex their creativity, and show off their spunkiness, by dressing in pink.
Lambert’s store sells a variety of wares including boots, jeans, and antiques. There’s even a pink bicycle hanging from the ceiling. The store sounds interesting but it will only be successful IF Lambert finds qualified people to run it and doesn’t interfere.
Christmas Special
Yes, the program was probably recorded in July but she’ll still have to do press for it. On Dec. 3, Lambert appears on her husband’s television special, “No Sot Family Christmas,” airing on NBC. Blake Shelton’s holiday program also stars Christina Aguilera, Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, and his mother Dorothy Shackleford.

As for the holidays themselves, Lambert told People magazine that she and Shelton will spend four days together around both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those dreaming of becoming a big-time recording artist get ready not to see your family.

Pregnancy Rumors
If opening a store and promoting a Christmas special weren’t bad enough, Lambert also had to deal with pregnancy rumors. The social media world recently lit up over speculation that Lambert was with child.

Now, rumors about a married couple of 18 months having a baby are fairly mundane. However, they’re a big deal if the suspected expecting couple are alcoholics. Okay, I can’t say that for sure (wink wink) but Lambert and Shelton (especially Shelton) are notorious for their partying.
In responding to questions about a “bun in the oven,” Shelton tweeted that he hoped not because his wife is “passed out with a bottle of Bacardi in her hands.”
They can’t drink and party all they want. They can also have as many kids as they want. They just can’t do both.

Locked & Reloaded Tour
Lambert already has a project planned for 2013. She’s joining forces with Dierks Bentley for a co-headlining trek of the United States. The duo kicks off their “Locked & Reloaded Tour” on Jan. 17 in Columbia, South Carolina. Their odyssey ends March 8 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Warming up audiences will be singer-songwriter Lee Brice.

Highlights Of Lambert & Bentley’s 2013 Tour
>>Jan. 24 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Baltimore
>>Jan. 26 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Atlantic City
>>March 2 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Albany
>>March 8 - Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley in Oklahoma City

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taylor Swift Shows Her Intelligence By Saying She’s Stupid

Taylor Swift Shows Her Intelligence By Saying She’s Stupid

Taylor Swift is refreshing. No, I don’t mean her blue eyes and the lilt in her step, I mean her attitude. In a day and age where everyone thinks their every thought is worthy of a blog entry, Tweet, or Facebook update, Swift impresses us with her ability to keep at least one of her opinions to herself.

And it’s an opinion most celebrities just have to tell everyone.

Leading up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, Swift refused to say who she voted for. Interestingly enough, she was in London (opening a mall) on Election Day.

She told Time magazine “I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people. And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.”


Thank you Taylor for saying what most fans want to hear from big-time recording artists. In fact, have you ever heard a musician say they don’t know “enough” especially when it comes to politics?

Okay. Okay. I know what you’re saying, especially you over there—the cynical one by the window—that her statement was a calculated message written by a team of handlers. She has millions and millions of fans from all walks of life. An endorsement of either candidate would likely alienate some of them.

I don’t care why she said it. I only care that she said it.

We get enough politics from people who really know politics. We don’t need political analysis from our musicians as well. Besides, if Swift wants to spread her views she can always do so with a song.

Kudos to Taylor Swift for recognizing, either on her own or through the help of a public relations firm, that just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she knows everything.
“I… feel like I don’t have enough wisdom,” Taylor told NPR.

I wish more singers would follow her lead. Heck, I wish more people would follow her lead.

By the way, I found it cute that she said that she doesn’t “talk about politics because it might influence other people” which is the definition of politics.

Music fans consistently vote for their favorite artists but instead of punching a ballot they buy albums and concerts tickets. That’s good news for the 22-year country singer because she sells a boat load of albums and a bunch of Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Her fourth studio album, Red, dropped in late October. It debuted at number one with more than 1.2 million copies sold. That’s an amazing total for 2012—Wilco couldn’t sell that many records in a decade.

To support her release, Taylor will embark on the “RED Tour” in 2013. The trek kicks off March 13 in Omaha, Nebraska and ends Sept. 21 with a Taylor Swift concert in Nashville, Tennessee.
Highlights of her outing include Swift in Newark (March 27-29), Swift in Atlanta (April 18 & 19), Swift in Washington D.C. (May 11 & 12), Swift in Arlington (May 25), Swift in Foxborough (July 27), and Swift in Los Angeles (Aug. 19 & 20).

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bocelli, Rieu, Williams, Pavarotti: The Mount Rushmore Of Artists Who Have Popularized Classical Music

Bocelli, Rieu, Williams, Pavarotti: The Mount Rushmore Of Artists Who Have Popularized Classical Music

Classical music is to music what baseball is to sports. You don’t start watching baseball and immediately fall in love with it. Someone has to teach you the game. You have to be taught baseball’s nuances. Someone has to explain how the shortstop and second baseman turning a double-play is a thing of beauty. Baseball is not like football, a sport you love from the first snap of the ball.

Classical music is the same way. It needs to be taught. The uninitiated needs to learn about its history, its forms, and most of all, what the heck the composer is trying to say. Unfortunately, few popular music fans have access to classical music teachers (or the time to teach it to themselves). Fortunately, there have been a few artists that have done the next best thing, they’ve popularized the genre and introduced it to music fans that would have otherwise never listened to symphonies, concertos, or arias.

Below are four classical musicians—two singers and two conductors—that have done more to attract adherents to the genre than anyone else. If there was a Mount Rushmore dedicated to artists that have popularized classical music the faces of the following four gentlemen would be on it.

Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli has sold more than 80 million albums. His sales figures have made him the best-selling solo classical artist of all-time. He’s been able to sell all those albums by singing opera, light opera, and affluent pop songs. Bocelli’s beautiful voice and his accessible setlists helped to make opera music palatable to the masses. Called “pop opera” or “operatic pop” or “popera,” Bocelli has not only introduced millions to the wonderful world of opera music but he paved the way for artists like Josh Groban, Il Divo, and Il Volo.

André Rieu
André Rieu has sold more 32 million albums during his historic career but that’s not why he’s on our list. Rieu is the Phish of classical music. Every year the master of the waltz sells thousands of André Rieu tickets. His 2011 tour was the ninth highest grossing tour of the year. That’s impressive since he plays classical music and 1732 Stradivarius violin.

In 2013, Rieu will once again pack stadiums and arenas this time with his “And The Waltz Goes On Tour.” The North American portion of his outing commences March 7 in Orlando, Florida and ends March 20 in Vancouver, B.C. While the majority of his setlist is comprised of waltzes and other classical music selections he does dabble in other genres including folk and showtunes. You’ll be moved by the sweeping melodies, dazzled by amazing soloists, and you’ll laugh at Rieu’s delightful wit—for a classical artist he has a great sense of humor.

Highlights of Andre Rieu's "And The Waltz Goes On Tour"
>>March 7 - Andre Rieu tickets Orlando @ Amway Center
>>March 8 - Andre Rieu tickets Tampa @ Tampa Bay Times Forum
>>March 9 - Andre Rieu in Sunrise @ BB&T Center
>>March 12 - Andre Rieu in San Diego @ Valley View Casino Center
>>March 16 - Andre Rieu in San Jose @ HP Pavilion

John Williams
John Williams has composed some of most memorable film scores in the history of cinema—Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws. He also conducted the Boston Pops Orchestra for more than two decades. Those two accomplishments alone has made him one of classical music’s greatest proponents. Think of how many pimpled face boys got into classical music after listening to his symphonic movie scores.
Luciano Pavarotti
Bocelli sells records. Rieu sells concert tickets. Williams gets people used to music without words, but Pavarotti popularized classical music—opera to be exact—based solely on his talent, not necessarily a conscious effort to “dumb” the genre down. He was, and probably still is, the only opera singer most popular music fans can name. Pavarotti performed with a number of big-time pop artists and at a number of high-profile events. All that exposure meant Pavarotti was able to introduce millions of popular music fans to the beauty and majesty of opera.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Madonna’s ‘MDNA World Tour’ Causing One Controversy After Another

Madonna’s ‘MDNA World Tour’ Causing One Controversy After Another

During a recent tour stop in Dallas, Madonna took a tumble during her performance of “Like a Prayer.”
Video of the spill has created a bit of a stir on the internet. People relish a good fall. I do too but I also give performers some slack when it comes to losing their footing.

Madonna spends a lot of time on stage and stages not exactly known for being easy to navigate. So she, and the rest of her ilk, are bound to fall every once in a while.

Regardless, Madge’s stumble is one of the smoothest things that have happened on her global odyssey. Her trek has been plagued by controversy, remonstration, and nudity.

Her MNDA would tour kicked off May 31 in Israel. It ends Dec. 22 in Argentina. Her North American leg began Aug. 28 in Philadelphia and will conclude November 20 with a second Madonna concert in Miami.

In the near future: Madonna will be in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4; Madonna will be in Pittsburgh on Nov. 6; and Madonna plays Madison Square Garden in New York City on Nov. 12 and Nov. 13.
Even if you can’t get Madonna tickets you should still follow her tour. Why? So far the Material Girl has made headlines by superimposing a swastika over the face of a French politician, showed her breast in Istanbul, challenged a gay-pride ban in St. Petersburg, and publically demanded the release of Pu**y Riot in Moscow.

Just about everywhere she went in Europe she was greeted with protest from those who took exception to her vocal support of the LGBT community and her lascivious stage show.

The fun didn’t stop when she came to the United States. While gallivanting around America, Madonna has called President Obama a “Black Muslim,” mysteriously canceled a show in Dallas due to the world’s briefest case of laryngitis (she was originally scheduled to perform two nights in Big-D), used a handgun during her concert in Denver, and showed her buttocks in Los Angeles to support a 15-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head.

There are some very worthy causes mentioned in the last few paragraphs. However, Madonna has supported them in the most boorish of manners.

Madonna’s heart is bleeding without a shred of class.

During her concert in Denver, Madge wielded a gun and pretended to shoot a masked gunman during the song “Gang Bang.” Many in attendance were shocked at her homage to violence.

The Denver area is still recovering from a mass shooting at a movie theater, the unsolved murder of a
10-year-old girl, and the slaying of five people at a bar and grill.

In response to complaints by Colorado concert-goers, Madonna’s press agent said the bit was a crucial part of the show and removing it would be like “taking out the third act of Hamlet.”

No, removing it would not have been like removing the third act from Hamlet. Removing it would have been Madonna not picking up the prop gun. For Madonna to compare herself to The Bard only shows us her hubris. Who does she think she is, Bono?

In Los Angeles, Madonna performed a striptease in which she revealed the name “Malala” written on her back between her bra strap and her throng. Malala was fighting for women’s education in Pakistan when she was shot in the head by the Taliban. For Madonna to support this brave girl by showing her buttocks is like a strip club holding a celebration for Eleanor Roosevelt.

Some say Madonna brought attention to Malala’s cause. Some say she’s enabled extremists to further cast Malala as a symbol of Western immodesty. It doesn’t really matter, Americans would have known about Malala with or without Madonna’s striptease and extremists don’t need any help when it comes to hate. The striptease was just Madonna being uncouth.

Calling President Obama a “black Muslim” was an extremely shortsighted statement for Madge to make. Certainly the Obama campaign rued the singer’s poor choice of words. When asked to clarify her ignorant statement Madonna said she was being ironic.
We all know Madonna has a compulsion to be controversial but there’s also another factor at work. The pop singer doesn’t connect her actions with her message. Madge says and does whatever she wants. She justifies it later and usually with the flimsiest of logic.

Take her support of Malala, a victim of a gunmen’s bullet. Yet, Madonna’s brandishes a gun every night during her live concerts. How can she reconcile those two actions? Intellectually she can’t.

They completely contradict one another.

Her proponents contend that she’s an artist and it’s an artist’s prerogative to be as illogical as they want. I disagree. I think there’s more to it.

I’m no fan of the hippie but there’s not a single artist from the 1960s that would have used a gun during a rock concert and then protested the Vietnam War.

Madonna is all style and no substance. She wants her act to conform to a certain aesthetic but she won’t bend that aesthetic to fit all of her values. To make the two conflicting forces jive, she contrives circuitous justifications long after the curtain falls.

She’s not the only performer who does this but she’s certainly the most famous.

Perhaps her aforementioned antics are quintessentially Madonna or perhaps they’re the product a 54-year-old singer desperately trying to be relevant.

Regardless, I believe Madonna is a great performer who doesn’t need to be controversial to entertain her fans. She’s called the “Queen of Pop” for a reason.

Her inability to realize that she doesn’t need to make headlines in order to put on a good show is her greatest stumble of all.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Current Television Stars That Are Also On Broadway

Current Television Stars That Are Also On Broadway

One of the best new sitcoms of the 2012-2013 television season is NBC’s The New Normal. It stars Andrew Rannells. The name should sound familiar to Broadway fans. Rannels originated the role of “Elder Price” in The Book of Mormon.

The hilarious and Tony Award winning musical can be seen on Broadway and in several major U.S. cities. For example, The Book of Mormon is currently running in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theatre. You can also buy Book of Mormon tickets for Boston, Chicago, and Washington D.C. to see the national touring company.

Now, Rannells WAS starring on Broadway but is NOW starring on television. We thought it would be interesting to go the other way and look at current television stars (and we use that term loosely) that are also on Broadway. Below are eight actors pulling the very difficult stage and boob-tube double.

Paul Rudd
America’s sweetheart Paul Rudd plays “Bobby Newport” on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. He can currently be seen at the Cort Theatre in Craig Wright’s play Grace. The drama stars another television veteran, Ed Asner. He recently appeared in an episode of “The Middle” as a newspaper man.

David Strathaim
David Strathaim plays “Dr. Lee Rosen” in the SyFy original series Alphas. It’s a great show and you should watch it. While the hour-long drama is on hiatus, Strathaim is starring in the play The Heiress. It’s running at the Walter Kerr Theatre. The drama is based on Henry James’ novel Washington Square.

Jackson, Silverstone & Winkler
You need a spreadsheet and a PowerPoint presentation to keep track of all the television stars in The Performers (Longacre Theatre). The play stars Cheyenne Jackson, who’s “Danny Baker” on 30 Rock; Alicia Silverstone, who’s “Eden” on Suburgatory; and Henry Winkler, who’s “Eddie R. Lawson” on Royal Pains. How do the actors find the time to be on small screen and walk the boards? Well, all the aforementioned TV roles are recurring characters.

Laurie Metcalf The great Laurie Metcalf is set to star in The Other Place, a Sharr White play scheduled to open Jan. 10 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. Metcalf has been delighting television audiences for years with her various roles but she’s currently “Mary Cooper,” Sheldon’s mom on the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”

Kathie Lee Gifford
Kathie Lee Gifford, who holds down the fourth hour of the Today Show, isn’t actually starring on Broadway, but her words are. The much-maligned television host wrote the book and lyrics for the much-hyped musical Scandalous. The show, about Aimee Semple McPherson, officially opens at the Neil Simon Theatre on Nov. 15.

Michael Cerveris
Michael Cerveris isn’t a household name but his face his. He plays “The Observer” on the Fox science fiction drama Fringe. I tried watching the program when it first debuted but I just couldn’t get into it. Next spring, Cerveris will play “Juan Peron” in my all-time favorite musical, Evita. Cerveris won a Tony Award in 2004.

Hello and Welcome To Music & Sports News

Hello and Welcome To Music & Sports News

In Ken Burns' great documentary Baseball, a commentator says he has two loves in life: baseball and opera. He says they are very similar, you have to sit through a bunch of boring stuff to get to the exciting stuff.

My two loves, besides Star Trek and the blonde cheerleader from Glee, are football and musicals. While they seem to be very different, they are, in fact, very similar.

Okay, you're right. They have nothing in common and are complete polar opposites.

Despite all that I still think a blog dedicated to Broadway and sports, and why we're at it let's throw in music concerts, makes perfect sense.

For one, they are all better live than on television and to attend you need to tickets.

Apart from that, concerts, Broadway shows, and sports capture the imagination and showcase the best of what humans can express with their minds and bodies.

Sports, plays, and musicals have characters to love and hate, plot twists. and gripping drama only difference is one is scripted and one is spontaneous. Sports and concerts incite passion from their attendees and you're encourage to scream. All three administer a special type of excitement that can only come from live events.

That's why I've decided to combine sports, Broadway, and concerts into one blog. All three are passions of mine and all three will be explored in-depth right here at Music & Sports News.